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Learn to build your own Guitar at the Lee/Fair Studio

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This is a fretless mandola built for Darol Anger with the David Grisman Quartet. It is neck thru design with a custom made Seymour Duncan pickup. The body has a book-matched Koa top and back.

Emmylou Harris’ tele style bass was painted completely “refrigerator” white and used custom white Bartolini pickups. The hardware was Stars Guitars. The guitar was the perfect compliment to her Gibson acoustic painted black with a rose inlay.

David Crosby’s Eagle Moon guitar is made from all Koa except the ebony fingerboard. The David Crosby signature inlay is in Mother of  Pearl. There is a close up of the signature in the Inlay Gallery. The back has a Marquetry inlay of a spread eagle. See it in the Marquetry Gallery.

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This is David Crosby’s “Bambicaster”. It has a crotch walnut book-matched top with a deer marquetry inlay. The neck is flamed maple with Schaller tuners.

Electric Guitar - How to build at Lee/Fair Studio

In 1983, Pete Townhend of the Who had a Tele style guitar with a Koa top and a Marquetry inlay of a mermaid. He played his song about a mermaid tattoo, “Tattoo” that evening for us.

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Laura Lynch of the Dixie Chicks also used her standard Clevinger bass we built for other tours.

Robert Lee has produced Award Winning, Custom Guitars for some of the greatest guitar players in the world. His guitars have also landed in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Take this opportunity to learn from a true Master Guitar Builder, and book your class today!

Martin Mull wanted a very different guitar for his stage show. The “Tuxedo Tele” was born. It is all painted in lacquer including the metalflake lapels, The peghead looks like a gloved hand. His best show was opening up for Cher and  the audience cheered when he help the guitar up to his neck!

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Laura Lynch of the original Dixie Chicks had us build an electric upright bass in the shape of a Saguaro Cactus. Even the “spines” were painted on it. It all came apart with the use of an allen wrench for transporting.

Deb Hutchins Guitar has Marquetry inlay on the front and back. The fingerboard is inlayed in Mother of Pearl and Abalone. See close-ups in the Marquetry and Inlay Galleries. We used custom crème colored Bartolini pickups.

Here is Emmylou Harris a.k.a. Sally Rose, playing her white tele style guitar on tour.



This Clevinger Bass was painted with a faux marble finish for Ian Stoba.