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Micro-Sandblasting Class

Learn the fine art of micro-sandblasting with instructors, Robert Lee and Susan Fair of the Lee/Fair Studio in Napa Valley, California.


This is a two day intensive course including extensive work in Adobe Photoshop to create templates for awards, glassware and as a bonus… Wine Bottle Label designs. We will be teaching with Profitable Hobbies ParaBlaster micro-sandblasting system.

you’ll feel at home with the extra-close attention in each day of class.

Please call for the next class date.

Cost is $250 per day.

The class goes from 10 am to 6 pm for 2 days with lunches included.

You may take the class whether you own the equipment or not.  This way you will be able to try it first.

Class Outline:

Day one

Introduction and ventures


Equipment set up

Standard and Razairre dust collection systems

Letralite Exposure System

Resist Washout

Practice Blasting


Day Two

Basic and advanced Photoshop Templates:

Design and Legality

Award Layouts

Halftone pictures

Wine Bottle Label Designs… Legality and Sales

Printing and Resist washout

Micro-sandblast projects:

   Glass mug w/Logo

   Award lettering

   Wine Bottle Label  w/coloring


Cost is $250 per day.

The class goes from 10 am to 6 pm both days with lunches included.

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Micro Sandblasting Glass Image

Sandblasting glass class image

glass sandblasting class image

Once you complete this class, you will be ready to do art and commercial projects. With just a little practice you will be up and running in a new career! (This is a great course for retail restaurants to make personalized glasses and bottles for those special clients!!!)

Please Contact Us to reserve your place in the next class. Hurry, classes have been filling up fast.

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