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Marquetry Kit and Wood Inlay Kit

“It’s Easy to Make”

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Make a piece of artwork that goes back to the time of the Pharaohs! With our easy to follow instructions and our Comfy-Grip Marquetry knife, when you use our Marquetry Kit, you will make a beautiful nature picture and a wood inlay block.

Most marquetry art kits on the market consists of dyed wood veneers punched out with no concern about grain direction, shading, or color coordination. What’s more you get no extras or video instructions!

The buck stops there. Our Marquetry kits have almost every item and tool needed to do Marquetry. And we mean even AFTER you do your kit pictures. There will be a couple of items you will need, but most likely you already have them in your workshop or can purchase them locally.


The center of our kit is the Comfy-Grip Marquetry and Burnisher Knife (pat. pend). It is so easy to grip and you can exert the right amount of pressure to cut your veneers without getting a blister!

Custom Marquetry Supplies Image 

Another important part of our kit is the complete set of DVDs with step by step video instructions to make Marquetry art. We even show you how to sharpen your knife blade! In addition to the video tutorials, we have a .PDF file of printed instructions and some other starter pattern designs. And if that isn’t enough, you can call us if you have any questions!


All the veneers are hand picked and ready for you to use. Just follow the directions and they will turn into a beautiful picture.


Your “Easy to Make” Marquetry Kit Includes:

Marquetry Art Kits

1   Set of DVDs; Basic Marquetry and Wood Inlay, includes
      printable manual and extra Marquetry patterns
1   Comfy-Grip, Marquetry/burnisher knife plus extra  #11
1   Veneer Roller
1   Poplar Cutting Board
1   Quart Can of Dap/Weldwood Contact Glue
1   Can of 3M Contact spray Adhesive
1   Set of Humming Bird Patterns
1   Set of Rose Patterns
10 sheets cotton bond paper
1   8” X 10”, ¼” Plywood
1   1/4” X 4” X 6” Block of Hardwood
1   Set of Beautiful Wood Veneers for inlays
1   Rubber Sanding Block
3   Sheets of Sandpaper, 120, 180, 220 grit
1   Sharpening Stone
1   2” brush for glue spreading
1   5 Minute Epoxy set

Bonus! Line Drawing Tutorial DVD 

All of this for $450.00 (plus shipping)


We are so sure you will love this kit, we offer a full money back guarantee.

Other items you will want to have on hand:
    1. Lacquer Thinner (metal coffee can with lid to keep your brush in it too!)
    2. Some 3 in 1 Oil for your sharpening stone
    3. Small containers or pill bottles for colored sawdust collection

    4. A Mill, Fine File or Emery cloth to make colored sawdust

    5. A Finish for your Project

    6. Picture frame for the Hummingbird Inlay (if you are to display it!)


And of course….
     1. Your ParaGraver and Grip-Guide (donut style) for Block Inlay Tutorial  (or a mini-router and base)
     2.  Cloth rags for the “BIG RUSH!” and misc. cleanup
     3.  Newspaper for spreading around work area